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Project Shoots

Portfolio Examples


Mixed-Use Development at 524-530 Main Street

The photoshoot for Bergmeyer's Mixed-Use Development at 524-530 Main Street captures the interior spaces and the exterior building within the bustling neighborhood. My role included:

  • Client, photographer, and on-site team coordination 

  • Shot planning and preparation for staging the spaces

  • Direction of the shoot

  • Post-production overview to edit and finalize the photography

  • Payment administration, including organizing the shoot participants (client and project partners)

  • Publishing the project story with photography on the website, social media channels, and various design portfolio platforms 


View the project page through the image below: 



Boston Dynamics - Project Interview

The image below links to Boston Dynamics' project tour and interview with the client, construction manager, and Bergmeyer's project manager. I coordinated the video with the entire project team, including the storyboard, interview questions, and preparation, onsite direction, and post-production.  



Cedar's Mediterranean Foods

The photoshoot of the refresh Bergmeyer designed for Cedar's Mediterranean Foods' 16,000 SF, 2-level workplace aimed to capture the brand's vibrant and sophisticated aesthetic. I coordinated this shoot with the client, photographer, and design team, including the shot plans, staging materials, and post-production. Onsite, I co-directed the shoot with the lead designer for the project. I also led the post-production and creation of the project profile.


View the story and photos for the project through the photo link below. 



Johnny Cupcakes - Project Tour and Interview

The photo and video shoot for Johnny Cupcakes' "fakery" store was a blast. The goal was to capture Johnny Earle's authentic and playful brand within the new retail store experience designed by Bergmeyer, driven by the philosophy, "Do more of what makes you happy." My role in the project included: 

  • Shoot coordination with the client, photographer, and design team.

  • Preparing the shot list, direction for the video, and interview questions for Johnny Earles.

  • Directing the video and photoshoot

  • Post-production to edit and finalize the photography and two video versions (one with and one without the interview).

  • Publishing the profile for the project

Click on the photo below to view the video with Johnny Earles' (a.k.a "Johnny Cupcakes") interview below. 



Boston Dynamics - Project Tour 

Boston Dynamics' workplace and robotics laboratories span three levels in the 180,000 SF facility. The photography and videography were shot over two days during the pandemic, which required careful coordination. My challenges were to have enough people onsite for the filming and photography to make the spaces look lively while keeping distance and minimizing the masks seen. I carefully planned the shoot so the videographers and photographer worked simultaneously while never overlapping on areas. My role in the shoot included the following: 

  • Coordination between the client, the construction manager, the photographer, the videography team, and numerous design colleagues enlisted to support as models in the shoot. 

  • Storyboarding, coordinating, and executing two videos: one that takes the viewer on a tour of the workplace and another that includes interviews with the client, the construction manager, and Bergmeyer's project manager. 

  • Delegation: Onsite, I directed the videography and had my colleague, the Vice President of Bergmeyer, direct the photoshoot since both were done simultaneously. 

  • Post-production: I led the editing and finalization of the photography portfolio and the videos, coordinating the review and approval from the client, the construction management team, and the project's design team. 


The image below links to the project tour video: 




Bergmeyer renovated the two fourth-floor retail spaces at TD Gardens. The stores were designed to seamlessly transition merchandise for either Bruins or Celtics games and family events at the garden with relative ease. Capturing the main setups for the two stores in Celtics and Bruins modes required a two-day shoot coordinated around home game schedules and tight time-frames the day of the shoots. It was a fun and challenging experience to coordinate with the client, the photographer, several of my design colleagues who participated in the shoots as models, and the project designer. my role also included post-production and publishing of the profile.


The project profile with the shops set up for the games can be viewed through the link below. 



Tree House Brewing Company - Deerfield

Bergmeyer created an immersive brand journey for the retail and front of house at Tree House Brewery's 100,000 SQ FT home in Deerfield, MA.  Our video aimed to show the brewery's cheerful and communal environment and the areas designed by Bergmeyer. My role included: 

  • Client, videography team, and the onsite team coordination

  • A storyboard for the video

  • Onsite direction of the shoot with two of the project designers

  • Enlisting and coordinating permission from guests at the brewery to be in the shoot

  • Post-production to edit and finalize the video with the design team and videographer

  • Publishing the project profile

Follow the journey through the Tree House Brewery in Deerfield through the photo link below. 

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