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Social media + Brand Strategy

Portfolio Examples

Social Media Copy

I have years of experience writing and editing copy for social media posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The content covered topics such as: 

  • Projects

  • People

  • Awards

  • Firm News

  • Articles

  • Hiring

  • Culture 

Below are a few examples of posts I wrote and managed graphic and photo direction: 


Video is an excellent way to share stories about project work, culture, and events, and I believe they are great to share on all social media channels. The examples below are reels that I have created or directed and edited.  

wilson popup.png
magus pup.png

Campaigns are helpful for many situations, including conferences, events, multi-part projects, and thought series, among other areas. The goal is to capitalize on the timing and the market, posting before an event and creating a follow-up post or article soon after to continue the momentum and add more value to a participant's time and investment. A few examples of posts from campaigns I have either directed, written, and/or edited can be viewed below:

hampshire 2.png
license ID.png
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